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Counseling Center in Dayton, OH, Providing Specialized Counseling for Women For Over 25 Years

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Insight Counseling Center offers counseling services for women,especially those with a history of sexual abuse or eating disorders.

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Insight Counseling Center is a program of Womanline of Dayton, Inc. Since 1971 Womanline has been serving the greater Dayton, OH area, bringing help to thousands of women, many of them sexually abused as children. We believe a woman's mental and physical health go hand-in-hand, and that to ignore one or the other is to diminish the care that is important to her becoming a whole person.

Over the course of the many years of counseling women survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we have treated many who were also struggling with eating disorders. Clinical studies and research results are mixed when it comes to showing a statistical relationship between childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders. The occurrence of both in the clients with whom we work gives us good cause to direct resources toward the treatment of both. In 2013, we broadened our mission to include women with eating disorders. This does not replace our work with survivors of abuse or with any woman with struggling with emotional problems, but brings a new energy to help those women who are still troubled with their past experiences and wrestle with a disorder that can have profound health consequences.

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