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How can I help Womanline with its mission?

We know that making a donation to Womanline is foremost an act of giving from the heart. But as you think about how much you would like to give, keep in mind the following ways in which your giving can benefit you financially at the same time.

Cash Donations

The simplest way of giving to Womanline is to make a cash donation. The total amount of your cash donation may be deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. You may write a check and mail it to Womanline at 4617 Presidential Way, Kettering, OH 45429.

An easier way to donate is by clicking the Donate Now link to the left. You can make a one-time donation, which can be from either your credit or debit account; or have an equal amount periodically credited to Womanline on whatever basis you prefer: weekly, monthly, semi-annually, etc..

You will automatically receive an email informing you that your donation has been received. Keep this email for your tax records.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

If your employer participates in the annual United Way or Combined Federal campaigns, you may designate all or part of your pledge to Womanline. Individual pledge cards can also be obtained directly from United Way of Greater Dayton, by calling 937 225-3141.

On the United Way pledge card, write in either Womanline or the agency code: WCCT.

On your CFC pledge card, write in our CFC number: 21332

Your employer may have a company matching program, where you can designate Womanline as a recipient.

Appreciated Stock

When you donate stock, Womanline will get the donated stock at a cheaper cost to you than if you sell the stock first and then give the cash. The stock you donate should be a long-term capital gain asset. You will need to own the stock for 12 months or more.

A Will

It’s simple to include Womanline in your will. The money you bequest to Womanline is fully deductible for the purpose of federal estate taxes.

Gift Annuities

You can make a charitable gift of cash, stocks, or other property to Womanline and in turn get a fixed lifetime payout from the annuity. The tax deduction lowers your income taxes. Womanline keeps the principal after your death.

Life Insurance

If you believe your life insurance policy will more than protect your loved ones after your death, you might consider using it to support Womanline. The simplest way to do this is to name Womanline as the beneficiary.

Other Ways to Help


If you would like to do something personally, click here or on Volunteer to the left of this page.Tell us a little about yourself and your interests, and we will get back with you right away. We often need people to help out around the office and during the winter and spring to work on the Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show.