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Sexual Abuse

For over twenty-five  years, we have been treating women who were victims of childhood sexual abuse. Even when women come to us seeking help for general mental health issues, we often discover there is an underlying cause for their problems—abuse that occurred when they were young girls.

Sexual abuse is very common. By conservative estimates, 17% of North American women and 5% of North American men were sexually abused during childhood; prevalence rates run as high as 45% of women and 16% of men in well-designed studies. The long term consequences of abuse generally fall into the following categories, each with some well-known symptoms.


  • Fears, panic attacks, sleeping problems, nightmares, irritability, outbursts of anger and sudden shock reactions when being touched.
  • Lack of confidence, and self-respect and respect for one's own body may change.
  • Behavior that harms the body: addiction to alcohol and other substances, excessive work or sports, depression, self-destruction and prostitution.


  • Lack of confidence in other people.
  • Fear of loss of control in relationships.


Sexual relation problems may occur, together with pain while making love, not wanting to make love and problems in getting aroused.


Abdominal pain, pain while making love, menstrual pain, intestinal complaints, stomach ache, nausea, headache, back pain, painful shoulders, in short all kinds of chronic pain may occur. The pain is often inexplicable.

Eating disorders often occur in sexually abused people. Read more about eating disorders on this website.

In our experience, it is not uncommon for a woman to begin counseling without clear memories of abuse that occurred earlier in her life.  Treatment involves revisiting past childhood or adolescent experiences, putting a name to what happened to her, and accepting she is not to blame.

If you are having any of these symptoms, you may need to speak with a therapist.  Call the number at the top of this page or 937.223.3446 today.