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Because They Care

Womanline would not be here today, nor would the community have benefitted were it not for volunteers. For thirty years, the bulk of the services of the agency were provided by hundreds of dedicated and hardworking women and men who gave up their time to help others.

The Auxiliary

One special group of volunteers has over the past forty years labored long and hard to support the agency's work. Through a variety of ways, the Womanline Auxiliary has raised well over a half a million dollars, and contributed an immeasurable number of hours of work.

The Auxiliary was officially begun in September of 1973 to: "raise funds for the support of Birthright through such functions as dinner dances, thrift and gift shops, card parties, fashion shows, etc.". By the third meeting of the group, with twenty-six women had signed on, the Auxiliary set out an ambitious agenda, which included developing a thrift shop.

By March of 1974, the Cottage Gift and Thrift Shop opened at Kling and Patterson in Kettering. The shop sold arts and crafts merchandise, needlework, flower arrangements, candles, and more. The thrift shop on the lower level offered clothing for men, women, and children, as well as housewares. A second shop would eventually be opened on North Dixie Drive.

But craft and thrift shops were only one of the Auxiliary's strategies to help fund the work of the agency. A variety of fundraising events were also undertaken. The first to get much publicity was a guest appearance by noted psychic and lecturer, Jeanne Dixon. Ms. Dixon was of interest to the Auxiliary because of her strong commitment to the welfare of children. Though her fee was to be a percentage of the ticket sales, she informed the members later she was so taken by the work of the agency, she would forego her fee.

In the spring of 1975 the Auxiliary sponsored the first of what would become an annual event. The April Glamour Fest featured volunteers modeling the latest fashions. The spring luncheon and fashion show continues today to be a significant source of support for the agency.

Many Helping Hands

When something needed to be done, there has always been someone to help. For instance, when the agency moved to new offices, and especially the move to our present location, it took women, men, and even children to pitch in and help with everything from carpentry, to painting, wallpapering, and laying carpet.

Many others have helped by serving on special committees, working on fund drives, and serving on the Board of Trustees.

We value all that our volunteers do to make the community a better place for women and children.